Starting Customer Care Service

Starting Customer Care Service

I don’t want to talk here about IT service providers to external customers or clients, my post for IT people placed in the same organization with business departments.

IT people have customers, and they should know the customer care principles and how to deal with their customers. keeping the customer satisfied is one of the major responsibilities for IT people. Customers of IT are all people who use the applications, computers, and all IT services and solutions. In any organization IT people implement IT services and solutions, what about after implementation services (warranty, maintenance, spare parts …etc.). All customers have to be satisfied with services, and IT people customers too.

Many IT People don’t know the basic principles to serve their customers, what is the impact?

“If you are don’t care about your customers you will lose your business”. Keep in your mind that negative impact will be reported to the management (i.e. bad service or nonqualified services).

What IT people have to do to keep their customers satisfied?

My pieces of advice here are:

1.      Be careful about customer’s needs.

2.      Solve incidents and problems quickly.

3.      Develop a service improvement plan.

4.      Implement updates as needed.

5.      Monitor and control the IT environment.

6.      Try to automate all customer’s procedures and functions if applicable.

7.      Practice customers on new IT features related to customer’s work.

8.      Teach the IT teams how to resolve conflicts and disputes, and how to communicate to their customers.

9.      Sign service level agreement (SLA) between IT and business departments.