Motivate your team, Key of success

Motivate your team, Key of success

Most or all managers expect from employees to do their work with a high performance, but some of those managers think about the work but do not think about the employee’s satisfaction, how keep the employees in good performance? How can appraise the work performance? How to enhance employee’s creativity?

I will explain in this blog my point of view about one thing to keep your employees in good performance and always creative. Your employees work together to achieve the organization targets but not all employees work in same performance, not all employees achieves their targets.

Motivate your good employees by rewards, rewards not always a money, “Thanks” in some cases will be more effective than money or reduce the work assignments will be a good choice, don’t forget or ignore giving rewards to the good performer employees, if you forget or ignore rewards expect the employee will do the same for his/her work, he/she will forget or ignore his/her work or some of his/her work, if you don’t have the decision, fight for it.

Know your employee needs, and give them their needs as is as rewards and appreciate employee effort and help them to work in high performance. The high performance work will increase cost of rework or delay, and increase the productivity.

Remember these words” Motivation and creativity comes from satisfied employees”, keep it in your mind when you manage your team to get the best performance, keep you employees satisfied and have a reasons to implement their best performance.